(Dental anesthesiologist is not a specialty recognized by the ADA.)

Most general dentists provide anesthesia using local anesthetic (i.e., injection of Lidocaine 2 percent (with epinephrine) or Carbocaine 3 percent (without epinephrine)) and occasionally prescribe an oral tablet for oral sedation for dental phobic patients. The role of the dental anesthesiologist in Rocklin, California, is to administer more advanced anesthesia through the use of pharmacologic and nonpharmacologic techniques including IV sedation and general anesthesia. Most dental anesthesiologists provide their services to other dentists requiring advanced anesthesia and sedation for their patients or medical monitoring for special needs patients. Some may work from a single office where advanced anesthesia is frequently required, like in an oral surgery practice, while others rotate around the community through multiple dental offices including both general dentists and dental specialists. In such cases, this specialist can be thought of as a “traveling” dental anesthesiologist.

At Placer Prosthodontics Inc., we have a dental anesthesiologist ready to administer needed pain relief and other medications through IV, to ensure you have a pleasant experience. Dr. Craig Wada wants to ensure you not only get the right treatment for you but the best treatment at his office.

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