The oral and maxillofacial radiologist produces and interprets images made by imaging devices and machines, (both conventional film and digital) used for the diagnosis and management of diseases, disorders and conditions of the oral and maxillofacial region in [city,] California. Typical imaging used by most dentists today include: bitewings, periapicals (PAs), panoramic (PAN) and CT scan. Our office frequently refers patients to a local imaging center (i.e., diagnostic digital imaging center) for X-rays. Significant advantages/benefits for having the X-rays made by the imaging center are:

  • State-of-the-art equipment
  • Staff (they only make X-rays)
  • Cost (it’s cheaper)
  • Onsite oral and maxillofacial radiologist

Use of the X-ray machine is an everyday part of dentistry and an invaluable tool in the diagnosis of gum disease/bone loss, tooth decay, bone infection and other forms of oral disease. Most dentists have X-ray machines in the office (conventional film or digital) for making standard radiographs such as bitewings and PAs. The bitewing X-ray captures both the upper and lower teeth together and is frequently used to identify cavities in and between teeth as well as view supporting bone levels between teeth. The periapical X-ray captures the full crown and root of each tooth and is used to diagnose problems involving the tooth root and jaw bone at the apex end of the root. The panoramic X-ray is used as a diagnostic screening X-ray. Although it isn’t as detailed as the bitewing or periapical, it is very useful in monitoring developing teeth, especially third molars, and identifying generalized problems in the upper jaw, lower jaw or associated structures. It is not used to diagnose TMJ problems however. The CT scan is usually reserved for diagnosing TMJ problems and bone volume for potential dental implant sites.

At Placer Prosthodontics Inc., Dr. Craig Wada employs an onsite oral and maxillofacial radiologist who will read your x-rays and give the dentist the necessary diagnosis to help treat you in the best way possible. Contact us today, at (916) 630-9048, for more information. We look forward to serving you.