Orthodontists are experts in straightening and aligning teeth in Rocklin, California. This branch of dentistry deals with abnormal bites (malocclusion) and dentofacial deformities. Through the use of oral appliances, orthodontists are able to correct crowded, malaligned teeth; close tooth spaces and restore integrity to the dental arch form. Most of us associate the orthodontist as the dentist who puts braces on teenagers. There is much more to orthodontics than simply placing brackets and wires on teenager’s teeth. Orthodontists are experts in understanding the growth and development of human craniofacial anatomy. Detailed analysis of special X-rays allows the orthodontist to diagnose problems by identifying either deficient or excess areas of facial growth. This knowledge, combined with a clinical examination and diagnostic stone casts of the patient’s teeth, are used to develop a treatment plan. Ideally, orthodontic therapy is performed during the period of adolescent growth, for this provides the best opportunity for efficient and predictable treatment. While some general dentists perform orthodontic therapy, the majority usually limit their orthodontic treatments to only basic and minor tooth movement procedures.

Dental implants have had a major impact on the orthodontic specialty. In years past, before implants, patients with insufficient numbers of natural teeth couldn’t correct crowding or alignment problems associated with the remaining teeth due to a lack of anchorage. Now, implants (both temporary and permanent) have created treatment opportunities where none existed before. Small temporary implants call temporary anchorage devices (TADs) are placed by a surgeon and recruited by the orthodontist on the same day (as a form of immediate anchorage) to help correct orthodontic problems.
Children with untreated crowded, malaligned or missing teeth grow up to be adults with the same problems. Orthodontic therapy isn’t exclusively for children and teenagers. It can provide the same benefits for adults as it does for kids and make you look younger in the process – they say braces will take 10 years off your age and give you a more youthful appearance!

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