The pediatric dentist, also referred to as a pedodontist, provides specialized treatment for children’s dental problems in the Rocklin, California area. In addition to treating kids, pediatric dentists are also trained and qualified to manage patients with physical, medical and mental disabilities. Baby teeth in most children first begin to appear at around six months of age. This “primary dentition” is normally completed by about two and a half years. Between six and seven years of age, children begin the transition from their baby teeth to permanent adult teeth. The Tooth Fairy is very popular during this phase of development as baby teeth are lost and permanent adult teeth erupt. This is a very important stage in child development and good habits will definitely influence future smiles.

Tooth decay in children is common due to the high level of refined sugar in the American diet. From baby food to milk, sugar plays an active role in dominating our kids’ taste preferences. Uncontrolled tooth decay in baby teeth could have a significant impact on the development and alignment of the future adult dentition. Unfortunately, humans are not sharks and do not replace broken or lost teeth every time one is lost. We only get one God-given opportunity to replace missing “natural teeth,” and that’s after the baby teeth are lost. Many people are under the impression that tooth decay in baby teeth isn’t a big deal because these teeth are expendable and will be lost anyway. However, if the infection is allowed to progress beyond the baby tooth, it can affect and damage the developing permanent teeth. Also, if baby teeth are lost or need to be removed prematurely, this may result in alignment issues for adult permanent teeth because space isn’t being held.

Procedures in pediatric dentistry involve much more than just placing sealants and simple fillings. Repairing fractured teeth or other oral traumatic injuries, fitting and placement of stainless steel crowns and identifying and treating oral developmental disorders are all responsibilities of the pediatric dentist. Pediatric dentists are also equipped to treat anxious, fearful and uncooperative patients. Many frequently use sedation for their more difficult cases. The popularity of this specialty has increased in recent times with more and more families choosing pediatric dentists for their children’s dental care.

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